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Fostering Ecological Design, Urban Agriculture and Resilient Landscape Design Practices

At Canning Greenworks Studio, we apply ecological design for designing landscapes and buildings to work in harmony with natural systems, rather than against them. This can involve using green infrastructure, reducing resource consumption, and creating habitats for wildlife. Urban agriculture is an important part of our landscape architecture practice. It involves growing food in urban areas, often using techniques such as container gardening and raised beds. Urban agriculture can provide benefits such as improving local food security, reducing the environmental impact of food production, and providing opportunities for community building. Incorporating resiliency in our landscape design practices can involve implementing measures such as improving infrastructure, and building social networks and community capacity. Fostering resiliency as a design practice at Canning Greenworks Studio, enhances the ability of communities and ecosystems to adapt and recover from disruptions such as natural disasters, climate change, and economic shocks.

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