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July 31,2007

From: Northeast Family for Change Organization (NCFC)
838 E. 28th Street
Wilmington DE

To:     Chris Canning
Delaware Center for Horticulture
Wilmington, DE

This note is to express our appreciation to the Delaware Center for Horticulture (Chris Canning, Jen Bruhler & Gary Schwetz) for a job truly well done regarding the new landscaping project that was completed on the north end, of Governor Printz Boulevard on May 15th    The new landscaping that aligns and surrounds the Dart public bus stop visually enhances the appearance of this once bare area. The new landscaping brings life and color to our community and for that; we thank you for your partnership and supportive efforts.

In addition, we also would like to take this time to thank the Delaware Center for Horticulture for going the extra mile to obtain the additional resources and finances needed to maintain the new planting on Northeast Boulevard.

As you are aware, several years ago NCFC, 11 Street Bridge Association, Vandever Ave Civic Association, along with the support of the Northeast community, businesses and our Public Officials together outline a plan to beautify Governor Printz Boulevard, which is one of the main gateways into the city of Wilmington, so to see 151 Phase of our project completed is exciting and encouraging. So in short, NCFC would like to thank especially, the Delaware Center for Horticulture along with State Representative Plant, Mayor's Office/Marsha Starks and Tanya Washington, Councilman Potter, Councilman Bud Freel, Jeff Starkey and IITH Street Bridge Association for providing the support and resources needed to bring this project to life and maintain.

Now onto Phase II, which will be on the south end of Northeast Boulevard.

Please give our best regards to Gary and please share that we send best wishes and prayers for a healthy recovery.

Ray Burruss-  President

Rick Burruss

Mo LaFate


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