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REAL Environmental Centre

REAL Environmental Center 

REAL Environment Centre Masterplan,


As a volunteer, I facilitated and prepared REAL's environmental center schematic masterplan.  The Project features canoe docking, education centre, native plant meadow, community vegetable gardens and orchard, habitat pool, wind turbines and solar panels The existing site consists of a repurposed Town of Smiths Falls  Public Works building. The landscape is a brownfield previously used for storing road salt. 

My involvement has included consulting on raised vegetable planters that separate the existing brown field soil from soil vegetables are grown in.   

Other work  has  included Raingarden and tree planting workshops with community volunteers. People learning hands-on skills constructing a raingarden and planting trees.


Smiths Falls, ON


Smiths Falls, ON

Rideau Environmental

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Project Team

Canning Greenworks


Key Team Members

Chris Canning

REAL and Community Volunteers


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